Whooose yaaa Daddy ?
  An old friend Loren "LeMans" Lundberg alerted me to the possible inconsistency in the descriptions and/or typographical errors in these different presentations of 1967 coupe VIN 802. If this be the same sow, then she certainly is proof that you can make a silk purse out of a .... Ohhh my Gawd.  

  Epilogue: Last week I called Keith at the phone number in the above NCRS Driveline advertisement for this 1967 coupe VIN 802 to see if it was sold. Sadly, Keith stated he "sold it at Carlisle to Noel from Ohio". I replied, "I was at August 2004 Carlisle and did not see this car". He related that it had been "freshly painted" and when the gas tank was dropped, the "tank sticker showed it was a real Black/Red 435 HP car". I thought to myself: some good fortune, eh?  
  Honestly, Keith did not tell me what color it was freshly painted, when he sold it to "Noel from Ohio". Nor did he say who found the tank sticker. And I did not pry and ask. We discussed some other Corvettes he had for sale and he said to call him back at his business (303) 777-2020. Corvel Automotive, 1130 South Cherokee St, Denver, CO 80223. I don't think I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with his establishment however he has some other Corvettes for sale. http://www.polonyx.com/corvel.htm  
  In the last week, I received several emails from fellow NCRS members about this 1967 model. Dave wrote that he was at this January Scottsdale Arizona action. He personally witnessed this particular auction and identified the auction seller of this 1967 coupe VIN 802 as Noel, a specialty car dealer from Hamilton, Ohio. Dave also stated the the next car, lot 450.2 was sold by the same fellow. It was another Black/Red 427. A 1966 convertible VIN 16861. It only sold for 159,300 so it was not as expensive. More about it later.  

The Moral of this Tale: Some guys have all the luck. Can you say Caveat Emptor? or is that $35 membership fee in the National Camel Riders Society a foolish extravagance?

PS Please tell the owner of 1967 VIN 802 to contact me so that I can congratulate him on his good fortune.

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