Precision Valley Corvette Museum 2004
  We returned to the Springfield, Vermont Precision Valley Corvette Museum for their Fall Corvette Event. About 25 different models participated and came from all over the New England states and even Canada.  


The following two C3's motored down from Canada.


Matt and his partners in the 1950's Springfield Royal Diner have it in full operation including a drive thru. That menu board is above the Corvettes.


Nice Navy/Navy Split Window.


Nice 1959 Vette. It was top down weather.


A nice 1962 Fuelie. The owner told me that he does not have his F.I. unit installed.


One change inside the museum was that this loaded Silver/Silver 1964 air coupe was moved into the lobby area.


Ben LaBaree attended and was collecting donations for the American Cancer Society. Don't forget to donate. I had not met him before. He told me that over 15 years ago we had refinished his 1963 shifter console.


This 1937 Chevy would look nice in my garage.



Brownsweiger of the Security Staff kept an eye of the Fall Foliage.


My new C6 allowed me to pick up a couple of local girls. We ate a late lunch in Chester, VT and then took Route 100 up to Stowe, VT for dinner at the Green Mountain Inn. Taking your house with you opens a whole new world of ....


The Allision exhaust brake is very handy going down steep hills and saves the brakes so they don't overheat. It automatically shifts the Allision 6 speed into a lower gear. The air suspension on this Freightliner is very smooth and has a very nice stable ride even on curvy Vermont back roads. And there is no shortage of torque from the 300 HP Cummings. On the freeway it's just glides along quiter than my Dodge V8 pickup. It's sooooo smooth and quiet, I'm really surprised.

If I had my way, we would move up here and just let UPS do what they already now do. I like the woods.



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