See you at Corvettes at Carlisle

This will be will be an emotional Corvettes at Carlisle. Our old friend and acquaintance Chip Miller will not be present in person. I'm sure his spirit will be present.

I have not missed this Corvette gathering since its inception. Each year it brings together the old folk who have been involved with Corvettes for many years and new ones. Regretfully each year some of our old friends and Corvette compatriots pass. We miss them.

I have very fond memories of this event. And I many have good reasons. In 1995 I let another fellow who was simply a hobbyist in need of a space use one of my extra vendor spots. I did not know him, but on Saturday night as he was leaving and handed me a ticket he had on the give-away Corvette because he was leaving and you must be present to win on Sunday. He shook my hand, thanked me for letting him use the space and said "I hope you win".

To make a long story short, it was the winning ticket - and I won that 1975 Corvette. I still have it and Monday following the event, I wrote a thank you note to Chip Miller, his staff and also all our Carlisle customers about my luck. I never did know the fellow's name who gave me the ticket. But Thank You All.


  In May of this year an old customer from New Jersey found this old credit offer from 1995 and applied it to his new order. It was only $50, but it made his day. I had actually forgotten sending that letter. Following is a similar letter, that I mailed to Chip thanking him for his contributions to the Corvette aftermarket as a businessman and hobbyist  

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