August 1st GM Part Price Books

I have been advised that there will be a price rise coming on August 1, 2004. Most parts will increase 2.8% except for fast moving service parts like filters and such. I remember when these GM part price book only came out once a year. Now it can be 3-4 times a year, however not all parts increase in price in each issue.

In 1982 the book had a little over 1000 pages. Now they are a 2 volume set with 2600 pages. I don't have the new books yet. If they still had out houses, think how long 2600 pages would last. The paper in the old books like the 1982 shown above was thicker than in the December 2003 books shown on the right. I cannot attest to how this would effect their other utilization as we have indoor plumbing.

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