Nov 2003 1977 Bill Mitchell retires from GM

In 1977 the New York Auto show was held at the old NY Coliseum. This annual event is usually held around March. It generally has a very few attractions of unusual automobile interest. However in 1977 in honor of Bill Michell's role in the design of many concept cars, GM brought several of his models to the show.

Unfortunately these are the only 2 photos that my buddy Fagiola shot with his camera. He was more interested in photographing the shapely female bodies that always accompany the new models that were displayed on the raised turn tables. Honest, that's the truth. Can't say that I did not admire them also. But I tried to convince him otherwise with all those cliches "Seen one, seen em all" or "Turn em upside down and they all look the same". It didn't work, out of 36 exposures he got these 2 plus 2 shots of the 1977 Corvette Mulsanne.

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