Oct 2003 My first 1959 Corvette

This 1959 Corvette had been sitting for a few years and was only slightly disassembled. The tires were flattened and it had no brakes because a brake line had a hole in it. We found that out when we had to roll it down a slight hill onto a trailer.

This 1959 was a 230 HP original "DG" block with a 3 speed. The fellow I bought it from gave me the following receipt. He had paid $125 for it and I paid only slightly a year or so later. I don't even have any records of the VIN. In Connecticut, a title is not required on a vehicle older than 10 years. Back then a new riding mower cost more than some of these old Corvettes.

I had never bought a basically complete, partially disassembled Corvette for less. Years later I read that about this same time, Terry Michaelis had purchased a used 1958 Corvette for $300. Those indeed were the good old day. Before Corvette became valuable artifacts. Back to Current Events

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