PROJECTS: Lifts are Assembled ---work

Dec 22, 2001

Ho Ho Ho. The four lifts are assembled. Let the games begin. I did the entire job myself. Took about 8 hours each with some modifications. I went from a 4 car garage... actually I could fit 5 Vettes in the barn before - and now...

I have an eight car garage.

And it only took 2 weeks and less than I thought.

My mechanic and I were looking for the power steering leak under my 69 and we also found this.

The front lower passenger control arm bushing arm was missing the retainer, lock washer and bolt. Only the sway bar was preventing the bushing from being lost also. The potential damage that could have occurred could have added up to greater that this lift cost. And in a worse scenario could have cost more than all 4 lifts if I crashed and burned this Black beauty. Besides storage, they are a good safety feature. And the convenience - well what could be better than a mechanic and a lift.

Then we looked under the L89 and surprise, surprise - there is a wicked, wicked, wicked, wicked Wilson Pickett crack under the clutch pedal. Whoooooa, who the heck has been banging the gears?

This winter we will make sure the motor pool is safe for abuse in the spring. Can you believe it - no snow yet. I think I will take my 67 out.

Merry Christmas to all and a special prayer for our troops.



You know what these lift's have also done? The have allowed me to add three more vehicles to the motor pool. I am looking for a nice 56, a nice 66 390 AC convertible and 400's and al u minnne um 435's. There is more fun in driving these old gas guzzlers than just watching them in a garage. No trailer queens please.

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