Oct 2003 My second 1959 Corvette

A local for sale newspaper called Bargain New led to this purchase in 1977. This tabloid style newsprint paper led to many nice Corvette over the years. Below is the sales slip for one.

This 1959 Corvette was complete but partially disassembled. It was a 230 HP correct DG block with Automatic transmission, Power Windows, Power Top, Wonderbar Radio, Heater, Courtesy Lamps, Parking Brake Alarm and Sunvisors.

At this time, 1977 a low horsepower automatic transmission Corvette was not very desirable.

The other side show the directions to return and a map to pick up the remainer of the parts.


A buddy of mine always loaned me his car trailer and we took this to Spring Carlisle. It did not sell.

I went to college with these 2 Corvette Nuts, but did not get to know them until after we graduated and all got Corvettes. Back to Current Events

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