Oct 2003 Order for a 1962 FI Vette

I received this Retail Order sheet along with the paperwork for one of my cars. The buyer "JJ" Perrino was my high school English teacher. He also bought his son "JA" Perrino a 1963 FI Corvette while he was in college. Junior was a couple of years ahead of me. His dad's 1962 was really a nicely equipped Corvette. 62 Roman Red with Fawn Beige interior and a Black Top, plus FI, 4 speed, posi 3:70, Wonderbar, White walls and Metallic brakes.

I do not know where this car is today, but I would give $5076.55 for this beauty. I remember R&S Chevrolet, Rt 84, in Middletown, NY and even the Voulelis Insurance Agency. This is the carbon copy of the top sheet.

The "FINE PRINT" Term and Conditions is on the back.

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