Oct 2003 Farm Report and Racing

First things first. There was no bountiful harvest this summer as in the past. Last year I had fruit and vegetables in abundance. This growing season was a bust. The weather was too rainy and it was not as warm as usual. El Nino?

I cleaned my office from top to bottom and found a ton of old Corvette photo's beginning 40 years ago, 1963. These are from Watkins Glen, August if I remember correctly. And I may be fuzzy on a few of these names and the outcome. I was told that Car #81 was driven by Alvin Forsyth, from Gibsonia, PA.

This was the first time I saw the Split Windows racing and I loved that new body style. There were some sprinkle showers that Sunday.

This Split Windows was pretty fast, however there was a Red 1962 that was being driven by ???? and it was fast also. Frank Dominianni drove a Red 1962 Corvette, but I do not know if his was the one shown below because I cannot read the number on the door.


My first ride in a Corvette was in the fall of 1962 in a Red 340 HP Split Window owned by a fraternity brother in college. Later that summer my first drive in a Corvette was in my Aunt Sils fuelie Split Window. Right around the time of this race, I took a picture of my cousin Steve doing a burn out in his mothers new FI Split. I have often said, that if my first experience with a Corvette was with a 230 HP powerglide I probably would have never liked them as much.

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