June 2003 Spring has sprung

In August 1980 I attended a Corvette show at a resort in San Mateo, California. One of the 5 Grand Sports was undergoing restoration and the completed chassis was on display. Below is the schedule of events for that event. It got soiled with a water mark.

But the highlight was sitting with and having cocktails with Mr. Zora Arkus Duntov and discussing Corvettes. He was very open, approachable and had a great many stories and details to share.

While sitting and discussing the development of the C4 and the impending debut of TBI, Zora began to make a sketch. He took the above schedule of events, turned it over and drew a graph and a cutaway of a TBI. Remember this was 1980, Zora was retired and even the 1982 TBI had not yet been built. Not even 1981's were released. At least not released to the public. I asked Zora to autograph his sketch and he graciously complied and added 1983 as the C4 and TBI were due to debut in 1983. You can see the water mark stain and see the schedule on the other side showing through.

Over the years I ran into him many times at many Corvette events and really got to love him. If you were fortunate to be staying at the same hotel, you really got to spend some time with him chatting every evening. We miss you Zora, RIP. Back to Current Events