Mar 2003 Bridgehampton, NY circa1966 work

I received this Race Program from the former owner of one of my cars. He was there on September 16, 17, 18, 19, 1966 mounting tires on race cars for the Goodyear Tire distributor GoFaster Inc. owned by the late Bob Grossman.

I recognize quite a few of these names Frank Dominianni, Roger Penske, Mark Donahue, Bruce MaLaren, Pedro Rodriguez, John Surtees, Jerry Grant, John Mecom, George Follmer, Peter Revson, Dan Gurney, Jerry Hansen, Jim Hall, Phil Hill, Masten Gregory, Parnelli Jones, Dan Blocker and Sam Posey. Plus NART, AAR, Nickey, Chaparrals, etc. Dan Blocker, "Hoss" on Bonanza had 2 race cars. I do not recognize this Corvette driver and would appreciate any info about him. #12 B Production Bill Infield of Elizabeth, NJ in SB Stingray. Wonder exactly what he drove?


Below: Front Cover: Bridgehampton Grand Prix - CanAm Cup Schedule of events.

Below: Inside Front Cover: List of entrants for ABCD Production Race and the Bridgehampton Grand Prix. I believe this is the Sunoco Special as it appears today.

I think these were Chevy powered entrants in the Grand Prix race:

#6 Penske 333 ci, #10 Traco, #25, #36 Genie, #44 Jerry Hansen, #60 Ed Hamill in a Hamill SR-3 (musts been cool) #65+66 Jill Hall & Phill Hill in those revolutionary Chaparrals, #88 Masten Gregory, #89 Eno DePasquale in a Genie, #95+96+97 Nickey's and I probably missed some.

Below: Inside Rear Cover: List of entrants for the Bridgehampton Grand Prix continues.

Below: Rear Cover: List of Prize money and Accessory Prize Money. How about that $4,400 for First place. You could not buy a nice original set of KO's for that and forget about Halibrands today.

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