Sept-Oct 2002 Vermont Corvette / Moose Hunt


Precision Valley Corvette Museum Oct 12-13

Anyone going to this weekends events in Vermont? It's getting into the Fall foliage and Halloween events. Plus John Fitch, Dave McLellan and Jerry Burton will be at this new Corvette museum in Springfield Vermont this weekend. Where else can you meet these three Corvette fellows in a town with a population of only 4,000? Great country up there. Two weeks ago I conducted a Corvette v. Moose census and after 5 days could report that there are many more Moose than Corvettes. The official name is the Precision Valley Corvette Museum. Precision Valley refers to the precision machine tool industry developed largely in this Valley in the 1800's for arms. The US governments contracts for arms made it necessary to develop interchangeable standard parts, which required that all parts be machined closesly in size and shape.

I missed visiting this new Corvette attraction two weeks ago as they are closed on Monday and Tuesday when I was in Springfield. The museum owner has also purchased a 50's stainless diner, which is being renovated and will join the Corvette Museum as an attraction. From what I have read and can see, the owner has a lengthy schedule of events each weekend and has the participation of several Northeast Corvette clubs. I think once the diner re-opens this will be hit and become a pilgrimage for local Northeast enthusiasts. This area is sparsely populated but traveled by many tourists year round. If you like New England small towns with General Stores and no Red lights Vermont has a great Early American heritage. The whole state only has 500,000 folk.



If you haven't eaten in these old stainless diners, you missed a Northeast cultural institution. The future sight of a group of different old Corvettes outside this old diner will be a real treat of nostalgia for some. Two weeks ago, I ate in the one shown at the top. The Miss Newport in Newport, Vermont about 5 miles from Canada. It was built in 40's, has 6 booths, 12 counter seats and only serves Breakfast and Lunch 5:30 AM-2:30 PM Excellent food and excellent prices.

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