August 2002 Corvettes at Carlisle #21 -work

The 21st edition of Corvettes at Carlisle was a fun event. In my view this event has evolved considerably. In the beginning this event was primarily a swap meet for parts with a beauty show and car raffle. Today this event is primarily a social event. Today there are many other attractions that have supplanted to the original venue.

At the Chip Choice collection I photographed several neat models not often seen. They are as follows.

1955 exported to Belgium - 4 pictures

1959 Purple People Eater - 8 pictures

1960 Cunningham LeMans - 15 pictures

1963 Harley Earl - 6 pictures

1966 Penske L-88 Big Tank - 32 pictures

1968 L-88 - 3 pictures


Farm Report: I got tomatoes coming out like gang busters. I really should have brought more to Carlisle. One hog from the CF ate two. Back to Current Events