Volume 28 Catalog -work

Corvette Dysfunction Medical Breakthrough

A new catalog will be distributed at Corvette Carlisle. It is much smaller than usual and features many items we have manufactured for decades. I haven't done this much work in over a year.

Corvette Clinic and Veterinary Hospital

Catalog # 28 also features the Security Staff - right on the back cover. Our next giant detailed catalog will not be reprinted until 2003. As always we invoke the truth, and never shy from comparing the repro's we make with those made by others. Just because the price is the same, doesn't mean poop. We make accurate repro's. We don't make repro's from repro's like zip.

Dr. DoLittle

PS I have been harvesting lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, squash and lots of spices. Cauliflower and brussel sprouts are not what I had hoped for at this point. Stop by our Vegetable Booth at Corvette Carlisle F85-86, G85-86 for Doc's Farm Fresh Produce. The best, and as always no Bull Shix.

PS I luv nature and dogs more than Corvettes.

PS Here is a video of my favorite driver. Now I can go back to driving it. This video was taken between shots for the cover.

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