Tomatoes, Zucchini, Peppers, a Quad Cab-work

Farm Bureau Report

Every vegetable plant that was transplanted succeeded. I bought extra figuring that some would not make it, but they all did. 27 tomato plants, what was I thinking?
I figure that if the harvest is bountiful I will either can enough tomato sauce to last the winter or I will set up a table next to the road and sell it. It will be a cash business and maybe it will help pay my property tax. If my house was in Westport or Greenwich the taxes would be lower. Maybe I can get a government farm subsidy. I will bring fresh vegetables to Corvette Carlisle too.

Dr. DoLittle
PS I luv nature more than Corvettes



I have so many plants that the garden spilled over. (Note: the date is wrong, it is actually July 6, 2002)

The fence to keep out the critters has worked thus far. Not a plants was lost.

Jason, the gardener with corn already over his 6 foot height. He says the fertilizer used on the garden was a strong stuff called BigJules and it is really completely full of ....

There are several zuccini plants growing in wooden barrels and one had a Yellow flower that grew into a beautiful .....

Dodge Dakota Quad Cab 4x4 pickup. Looks like Sebring Silver and has a V8, bed liner, Reese hitch, all Power Accy, Trans cooler, HD battery & rad, CD. Its my new garbage truck.

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