DocRebuild meets Mother Nature ---~ ~

After a 30 year hiatus Mother Nature has been dating DocRebuild. What a lovely dish she is. A nicer gal is hard to find. Following are some pictures with my gardner Jason. He likes using that pitchfork and burying things in the dirt. Such a nice fellow if you are his friend and don't cross him.

~ 3 patio tomato - already have yellow flowers coming out; 12 early girl tomatoe - early July; 12 plum tomato and 9 zucchini - late July.

~ 12 yellow frying pepper , 12 broccoli, 12 cauliflower, 12 salad bowl lettuce, 12 Boston lettuce and 6 acorn squash - July.

~ 6 sweet corn, 3 watermelon, 6 red cabbage. 12 Brussel sprouts, onions - August.

~ Plus a herb garden and ooodles of flowers coming out.






A few of the window boxes.





Patio Tomato plants.



Unfinished transplants.



Curly Parsley.




After weeding, and tilling but before planting, watering or adding special fertilizer.


Jason is my gardener. He just ate a small child that ventured near the garden. Brownie is guarding the foreground.



Don't get Jason mad. He is such a sweet fellow if you stay far away and don't ever - well you know.

All the rows are planted and watered and Jason added some of that special fertilizer he got at the Foramen feed store. It's a new brand called BigJules and it is really loaded with ....

It has only been on the market 30 months and a little bit really is all you will ever, ever need or want. Fence is up to keep out the vermin and varmits.

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