WOW DocRebuild has 932 web pages! ---~ ~

Typing docrebuild into different search engines we located 932 pages on our web site. And this also shows which search engine really searches most deeply. Although we have actually added pages, over 2,000 - now Google shows less. ????

I know they censor some pages because if you type in a direct address in their search box it will not show up- i.e. page not found. However type the same address in a browser and it comes right up and I'm not talking about pornography. Do a search for Windbags.

Google produced 932 docrebuild pages out of 934 matches

Lycos produced 170 docrebuild pages out of 172 matches.

Excite produced 21 docrebuild pages out of 21 matches.

AltaVista produced 2 docrebuild pages out of 3 matches

Yahoo produced 1 docrebuild page out of 3 matches

(Anyone wonder why we cannot keep up with the price changes?

I nominate myself for a new windbag for being able to accomplish that. And I would like to add 500-1000 more with virtually everything pictured.)

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