PROJECTS: Power and Storage ---work

Hello Relatives, Friends and Fans:

Soon we will have our Power Project and Lift Projects completed. While wandering through Home Depot, I saw automatic stand by power supply generators. Living in the woods at the end of the power line means we are the final house to be restored after a storm causes a power failure.

If we have bad winter storms, it can be a PIA. Lots of trees with branches ensure outages. No electric means no pump for well water, hence no water or toilets. Oh S...., but you can't, unless you collect water before the storm. Plus no heat as the furnace needs electric. No nothing. Bummer. Cold, Dry, Dark and you cannot even take a .... .

Therefore I purchased a "Generac Guardian" Generator at Home Depot for about $3000. About 20 seconds after a power outage occurs, this (propane gas powered) generator starts and powers most of the house and even the barn 83' away. (My wife calls it the barn. It is really an additional detatched garage.) It automatically cut out after the normal electric power is restored and also automatically turns itself on and runs a 12-minute test once a week to check readiness. Yee ha! No more electrical outages here. Home Depot delivers for $45 and it is well worth it, as it's a quarter ton.

Today the electrician installed the new circuit box and hooked it into existing house wiring. The job was somewhat more complicated because this house has one main box with 36 circuit breakers and 2 more remote sub-boxes with even more circuit breakers. I wanted to have different circuits from all of three boxes powered in an outage. The electrician and helper took 4 hours and $825 when they left. He had done these before. Note that Home Depot wanted $3000 for the install if their subs did it. The instruction book is excellent and says you could complete the installation yourself - but recommends a professional electrician for safety.



Now we will have POWER for the furnace, well, refrigerator, microwave, and lights no matter what happens. For safety, I also wanted power in my barn in the events of a power outage - because the lifts must first be raised slightly to disengage the locks (i.e. they need electric) before they could be lowered. I want to be able to empty the barn quickly, should I ever need to.





Now Now that one lift is assembled in the single bay of my barn, I will begin building the other 3 lifts simultaneously in the main room with 3 bays. Although the instruction stink, they are not difficult to assemble. Just bulky and heavy. The ceiling is 9'2" and allows stacking.

Merry Christmas to all and a special prayer for our troops.

Independently Powered Woody


PS I think everybody already knew I was Independently Powered.


We could use a golf cart to run between the barn and the house. On the right side in the trees is one of the new bird houses I put up. No tenants yet. Rain today, so the ponies could not get exercised.


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