Doc's Copyright Notice

Reproduction of these documents in whole or any part is forbidden without receiving prior written permission from Dr. REBUILD. Our trade names, illustrations and instruction sheets are registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.

In 1991 we sent registered letters to almost every Corvette shop that produced a catalog - asking them to not reproduce our advertising materials. Many did it anyway and forced us to pursue them legally. We discovered many dealers using our pictures, illustrations, instruction sheet, diagrams or other materials referred to as intellectual property. One had even simply reproduced are catalog, page for page. Every one of them paid us, but we had to take Zip to Federal Court - and they eventually gave us $70,000 real US dollars. However, we have not made any money from these pursuits after our own expenses have been paid. It has actually cost us over $100,000 beyond any recovery.

Zip Corvette, Chicago Corvette Supply, Corvette World, Orange Coast Corvette and Blue Ribbon Corvette don't like us. We made them pay us for their unauthorized use of our intellectual property; ie: illustrations, instruction sheets, trade names, sales aides, advertising. Our recovery from them was not and never was a source of positive income.

What do you call someone, who takes your property without permission? I call them a THIEF. What do you call some one who uses your efforts for their financial gain? I call them a FREELOADER. How would you feel if your neighbor had his hand in your pocket taking from your wallet? Walmart does not create free advertising for K-Mart, and we do not create free advertising for free loaders either.

Slavery ended a long time ago. I do not work for free for competitors, so they can save money on their advertising expenses. They already save money by producing cheaper, incomplete or even inaccurate copies of reproductions we developed. Sometimes you get what you pay for, and often you get much, much less. Repeatedly the internet chat rooms compare our products, and ours win hands down. I have a saying, "Sometimes only the name is the same."

Our illustrations are digitally watermarked for evidence of unauthorized reproduction whether in whole, part, re sized, modified, color-corrected or cropped.