-Dr REBUILD's Corvette
A 63-82 COVER PLATE located in the wheel well in front of rear wheels. These are often rusted, eroded from road debris. Unlike others these are die stamped with the raised reinforcing rib & painted black. 2 reqd per car. Dr # 9023145 9.50 Ea
A+B 63-82 BODY MOUNT ACCESS PLATE 18 PIECE KIT includes 2 of the above access plates, plus 8 u-nuts with 8 indented hex head sheet metal screws. Does one car, both sides. Dr # 9023682 25.00 Kit
C 63-82 ACCESS PLATE PUTTY SEAL press this pliable soft putty into the rib on the perimeter of the access plate prior to mounting in the wheel well. Helps prevents water from rusting body mount bolts. Does 1 car. Dr # 9023680 3.80 Ea

Body Mount Access Plates