-Dr Rebuild's Corvette 80-82 Head Lamp Vacuum Hose Kit
ALL kits include RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW and WHITE narrow striped hoses with RAISED RIBS, plus T PIPE connectors and detailed FULL COLOR INSTRUCTION and a FULL COLOR SCHEMATIC. Our full color schematic was produced by Dr Rebuild and he looked under the hood of many Corvettes. COMPARE to Zip
SELECT STRAIGHT or MOLDED HOSE KITS. Molded hoses have one or both ends formed into a tight 90 degree bend i.e. they are vulcanized to a permanent shape. These 90 degree bends ensure that a hose will not kink and collapse on a tight bend as original. Straight hoses are an economical alternative. COMPARE to Zip
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80-82 STRAIGHT KIT has 16 hoses, 3 T-pipes, 36 feet of hose.
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80-82 MOLDED KIT has 16 hoses with 3 molded for the actuators & intake, 3 T-pipes, 36 feet of hose, plus 6 NOS Yellow & 1 NOS Red hose clamp.
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FACT In sworn testimony for a US Federal court case Zip Corvettes artist swore that he created their illustration and that also that he had never looked under the hood of a Corvette. Incidentially if you hook up the hoses according to that Zip illustration the head lamps and wiper door will not work. Go figure, who would have guessed that.

if you purchase these elsewhere "Only the Name is the Same".