-Dr Rebuild's Corvette 56-62 Door Glass "W" Seals
These "W" shaped seals channel water away from the internal door mechanisms. After 35+ years they become brittle, crack and usually crumble into pieces upon removal. Our authentic features include the correct rubber material, hardness and profile including the 4 ribs necessary to block water entry into the metal channel and aid glass retention. Ours are true LH and RH pieces that do not require any modification to install. A set does 1 car.

Part #
56-62 Door Glass "W" Seals - Left and Right Pair


FACTS Over 18 years ago at August Carlisle a customer loaned me his original samples and asked that we reproduce these seals. We faithfully reproduced these parts. Ours are ready for use with NO alteration, NO cutting, NO guessing. Please do not confuse them with the generic one sold elsewhere (Zip) as "W" seals. I coined the marketing term "W" seals to advertise these parts. Others (Zip) also began to use this same marketing term and led to the confusion. However not all these "W" seals are created equally. Others are NOT true left or right and require modification to install.