35th Annual BG at St Charles Golf Resort

Dick Guldstrand was in great form and I enjoyed his genuine enthusiasm about being at yet another Corvette event. I did not know he was attending and when he walked by on Thursday, he stopped and noted several small sheet metal stampings we had on display stating "Boy you know you are old when you recognize all these little pieces". That was my intro to meeting him and besides his genuine Corvette enthusiasm, was his fondness, humility and admiration when speaking about other Corvette folk, particularly racers like John Fitch.

I recalled that 25 years ago after I got out of LAX airport, I drove my rental car right past his shop in Culver City and he said "Why didn't you stop in?" And I was a dope for not doing so. I thoroughly enjoyed his book Corvette Thunder and recommend it to all if you are a Corvette lover. He was Roger Penske's first driver and a hell of a one before and after.


I just found another disk with more 1957's from the Special Collection

  I got a chance to look at the above 1985 Corvette GTP model that was being auctioned. I have a GM special brochure for this exotic and while reviewing events my old friend Tom Christmann said there were several as he hordes material about them.  


I suspect parts are hard to find for this body style.

  But, I'll bet a 6 pack that these Corvette GTP tail lamp lenses are the 80-82 production variety.  


Above: the structures supporting the Corvette GTP rear wing were busy. I was informed by Papa Smuft this was a no sale bid to $255.000.


 VIN 162 an early FI pilot car with the chrome louvered air cleaner.

  Below: another photo of Ken's Kayser's unique 1957. For years I have religiously followed his in depth series on Fuel Injection in Vette Vues magazine.  

  Below: another 1957 FI originally driven by Bark Henry for Rosenthal Chevrolet and raced at Lime Rock and other East Coast tracks.  

  John Neas was grinning like a Chersire Cat at his freshly restored beauty # 114 and related that Dick Guldstrand had driven it at a local track a couple of days ago.  

  Below: another 1957 FI. The #283 was used by Andy Porterfield when he raced. I may have to correct this info as I did not take notes. This was a recreation of #283.  

  I have always had a vicarious love affair with any old Corvette with low cut windshield posts.  

  I don't know, but my old National CRS buds will answer why the wheel studs are so long. And the Red witness mark on the 3 o'clock stud is for ...???  

  Below: 2 different Inca Silver 1957's with different style hood pin locks.  


  It does look better with Red masking tape than Tan. I would love to get a Silver Corvette with a Red Interior. No need for a parking lamp on this beauty.  

  If you don't know what an Air Box 1957 FI Corvette looks like, the Black Beauty below clearly shows the drivers side fender skirt mounted Air Box feeding air to the FI unit.  

  Although only 43 of the FI Air Box cars were built, the Special Collection included half a dozen or more.  

  Original invoice for 57 FI, HD Brakes and Suspension, 15.5 wheels, 4:11 rear and $13.64 for two seat belts.  

  Below: Joe T's 1957 FI and early T10 four speed from the Black Widow Corvette driven by none other Carrol Shelby. I hated him after the Cobra began racing. Not really hated.  

  Below: my guess is ???  

  Below: a large poster of 1957 Corvettes at Sebring with Dr. Dick Thompson.  

  If I remember correctly Joe T said the FI Unit below was #1 - but I CRS. Joe's unrestored 1957 Datoyna/Nassau/Sebring racer was also on display.  


Below: Saturday a local St Charles resident showed me this piece of Corvette history. He admitted removing this 5x9 inch aluminum name plate from a set of dies in the Applied Composites plant in St Charles Illinois just a few year ago. He related they had two other local plant sites besides St Charles and that he had made "fiberglass" parts for Corvettes while he worked for them. Also Ram Air Pontiac hoods and parts for those parcel vans with extended head room. About 40 different Corvette die sets he was aware of, including fenders, hoods and surrounds. The 1976 date on the tag told me it was SMC parts, but he stated they called it FRP (fiber reinforced plastic). This die was around 35,000 pounds and the plants had their own steam plants necessary besides the huge presses forming these parts. This one made the outer hood skin only on 1977 (part number 375834). He related cutting the plastic sheets smaller for smaller pieces like fenders and mentioned adding sheets together when the part was a top surround. One of his jobs was to dispose of the blems, and the top surround blems were just too large for the dumpster and thus needed to be cut in half. An alternative solution was to take them home after giving the shift foreman $5 a piece. Said he could walk to work and actually see the plant from his apartment. He claimed in 2001 to showing a stack of 30 to vendor from Florida who gave him $100 each.

He asked me my opinion on this tags value and I estimated $100 to perhaps a $1000 but only to the right buyer.


  You can say what you want, but the exhibitor below is known for quality 1953 - 1982 products that fit and function like original and their unique solutions are OOSOEZ.  


Below: I swear this is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Before the recent 35th annual BG event in St Charles I read the contract that trade show exhibitors are provided concerning the Corvette content of their exhibits. I assume this is to screen out inappropriate content. Inside the MegaCenter indoor exhibits, I was perusing the display shown below with life size mannequins, including Willie Nelson, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe.

I asked the proprietor “Do you have Zora?” And he answered, “No, but we can do ‘er.” I replied, “You can do ‘er?” And he replied “All we need is her photograph”. I said it would be a long search for one.


  Above: Many old friends and long time NCRS members were present at the BG show which just proves just how close and friendly these different organization are. Left to right First row : Dick W., John H., Reba, Loren L, Joe T. Second row: Patrick H (in white cap). John N., Drew P. (seated), Noland A., Roy S. and Paris Hilton (hidden behind Loren). Third row Don Ho, Terry M., Nancy Pelosi and (in similar Black jackets) Mike Y. Sr and Mike Y. Jr.  

  Above: a Top Flight 1940 Chevrolet Eastbound on I-80 in Pennsylvania.  

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