Heavenly Donuts Corvette Cruise
Wednesday nights from 4-ish till ??? many of the local Corvettes gather at this Corvette only cruise on Rt 34 in Derby, CT. Each week we look for new Corvettes that haven't been there before and this week there were these two. A 1966 coupe personalized by my buddy Brian and a 1970 one owner 454.

Please excuse the crappy color. My Sony cameras have too many buttons that are too easily changed accidentially. Those dorks don't know ergonomics. I'll redo these pics.

Brian does it all: body, paint, mechanical - and fast. Originally a 300 HP but that is too tame. :)


Webers by Brian :)



No Radio. Hurst :)


Original owner 1970 454 4sp PS PB PO2



All the nitty gritty. 5 port pump.



This really is a sanitary pad but my shot is bad.

  The above 1970 has a great story attatched to it. The owner was 19 and riding his motocycle when he was almost fatally wounded - decapitated by a cable his dad has put up - and his dad was so devastated by the near accident that he bought his son a new 1970 Corvette - and he still has it.  

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