Old Town 2007 January

29th Annual NCRS Winter Regional
 Can it really be that long? Seems like only yesterday we were on the lawns at Cypress Gardens with the Southern Belles in their gowns. This year we had an outstanding international gathering, meeting with old and new customers from Australia, Sweden and Germany. Even Copper Roy from Kalifornia and Kent from Flowreeda. We had a ball.
   Left to Right: Ralph Kramden our bus driver and fresh from Down Under, Debbie and Graeme. Thanks for the beers and the tip on Fosters. Graeme will soon be cruising in his 69 435 with gas at 8 bux a gallon. You know what I say about gas: you can't take it with you. Burn it before Al Gore gets his hands on it. I love the smell of Octane.  

Far Right: Miriam was distributing DocRebuild Bibles to the faithful Corvette Pilgrims while at the third from the left in the Black shirt BG (Brian Gibbs of the BG's !!) was serenading.


Left: Kent Keech was kind enough to let me handle (and fondle) the last surviving remnant of the earliest Corvette ever produced. This fender scoop was cut from the body. It was given to Kent by a well known GM worker who enchanted old NCRS members with his tales from the 1950's at prior NCRS conventions. Thanks again Kent.

RIP Kent: even though the national forgot your help, I did not.


Per Kent: "Fiberglass scoop was cut out of the 1953 Motorama Corvette by Steve Koss at the direction of Harley Earl or one of the other design team members having authority during the car's refreshening between Motorama shows. Now, if someone could help identify the first show when the scoops were not present. Most Motorama photos I've seen were taken during the Waldorff, New York presentation. There must be photos from the other '53 Motorama shows. Kent #6201"


1955 Copper Penny

 1957 FI Display

1957 "1 OWNER"

 1961 White Doggy Dish

1963 Phil Curran IMSA GTO Champ 1972

 1966 with strange license plate

1967 Black/Black L-89 with 2 Tank Stickers

 Sebring Space #83

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