Jan 2006 Happy New Year - New Old Catalog
  We mailed out our 2005 catalogs, albeit they are late. If you have ever dealt with the Postal Service or almost any outside entity then Murphy's Law must be fulfilled.  

  You may notice the sticker showing that our Postal Permit Indicia has changed. Suffice to say that if the "wheels can fall off the wagon" they will. Although we have used poly bags for years; they now had to be approved by a Postal Service Mail Design Specialist. And there is only one for Fairfield County in New Haven, CT. One day I went to get some forms at the main Post Office and a 13 ton truck ran into my pickup. Did you know that the front bumpers on a 13 ton Fruehauf truck are hinged at the ends? They spring right back. Apparently this is a common occurrence. Afterwards I realized even that trip was wasted, as the Postal Service gave me the wrong forms.  

If you are a prior customer in need of a new catalog, call with your zip code and last name to verify your address in our database.

At the end of the month we will attend Old Town NCRS regional. This will probably be the last one we will personally attend. It has been moved too often, been difficult to justify the exposure given the presentation and location. If you would like a catalog we will have them onboard.

Old Town Advertisement

  We are thinking of replacing this cold January event with the warmer March 12 hour of Sebring Race. This is a televised national event with a great Corvette heritage.  

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