Caveat Emptor: Justin L Abbott

the Corvette Forum & Zip's Resident Engineer

That is an impressive title bestowed upon Justin L Abbott: Zip Resident Engineer Product Development and R&D Manager (shown on the CF right at the bottom of this page).

I wonder how he got that eminent degree? Trade School? Honorific? College?

Pardon me, but I just don't buy any of that bunk. And one of many simple reason's is that Zip copies parts that were never made by GM. Many of them.

Well the facts have emerged: it's an Honorific Title from that fine institution the Zip University of Balogna

There are three 1969-1982 upper air dams that were never supplied by GM. I created them for phonies like David Walker & John Wayne Walker. There are no GM blueprints, because GM never made them. Apparently a previous Resident Engineer was confused & searched at DocRebuild. You are being used up just like all the other Zip employees that have come and gone from Tim Pope, to Tom C. to Michael McWilliams.

Free advice: pretending to know events you weren't even present for is difficult, but lyeing about them for your boss will only get you tripped up.

Corvette Forum: Justin L. Abbott Zip VP Resident Engineer

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