Neat Chaparral Racing Special

#66 another Corvette Cousin
The 25th Annual Limerock Park Vintage Auto Races included the first Jim Hall & Hap Sharp Chaparral Mk 1.


Video uploaded Sept 11, 2010 Time 4:47
  1960 Chaparral Mk 1 video at the Vintage Races

I am one lucky son of a gun. I get to attend the races as part of my job, and don’t have to win, loose or draw. Seriously there were 320 vintage race car entries at Limerock’s 25th annual 4 day event. Included are many other models that are brought along and not raced, but displayed. Plus I saw John Fitch again & he was driving his Phoenix. Also met, all but one of the Corvette vintage racers. I’m pooped.

Jim Hall & Hap Sharp began to build their own race cars, the Chaparral in 1960. First in Aluminum, later Fiberglass; first front engine, then mid, then rear engines. Always had a Bowtie motor & close association the Chevrolet racing, Corvettes, Zora and I was privileged to see them race the 1964, 1965 Chaparral later models at the Bridgehampton NY track.

Number 65 (Hap) & #66 (Jim) were engineers, racers & inventors. They won often. Above the pits at Sebring, in chronological order are the past winners. Chaparral’s 1965 Sebring 12 hours overall winner with a Bowtie motor, is in my view the closest a Corvette has gotten to that trophy. Oh well. Greenwood & others have tried.

Their innovations included the Chin Spoiler, the Rear Wing adjustable for drag in the corners & speed on the straights. The 2 Snow Mobile engine powered suckers fans that increased down force in the corners by sucking the air out from under the car. Almost every innovative trick they used to win was ruled illegal the next race or season.

Don’t worry, I still have hours (72 laps) of practice, qualifying & racing of the Group 8 video’s & jpegs - with 7 Corvette’s racing to sort, edit, mix, upload, etc. I know it’s a nasty job. A 1963 coupe; 1964, 1965, 1966 & 1967 convertibles, a 1969 L88 t-top and last buy not least - a 1970 convertible 355 ci. small Bowtie that was the winner of the last race.

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