Zip Caught Lying Again (now using Justin Abbott)

On the CorvetteForum these fellows LIE to deny facts

  This article to the right below was relevant enough to be printed & then even reprinted in the NCRS Restorer. Volume 6-4 in 1980 and Volume 16-3 in 1990. Twenty years ago.

In 1980 Ed Gurdjian, MD authored an article in the NCRS Restorer Magazine. Ed, a surgeon saved the life of a GM executive, who later assisted Ed with his hobbyist Corvette research. Ed's particular interest was 1958-1962 and he documented how those windshield washer hoses "generally appeared" with Red and Orange colored stripes. And apparently that organization accepted colored feature.

We sold colored washer hose reproductions to Zip & then stopped all sales to them in 1995 when we filed suit in Federal Court. Now their surrogate employee Justin L. Abbott is simply fabricating the reason why Zip stopped selling them. Fifteen years ago, it was not because NCRS had published any retraction, it was because Zip got cut off and you didn't not even work there.

I'm confident Mr. Abbott is just parrotting "squak-squak" whatever David Walker tells him to say. In 1982 this fellow was so young, he could not even hold a job yet, let alone drive a Corvette or do research on one when these were sold to Zip. Don't lets your boss make a liar out of you. He may sign your paycheck, but you don't have to lie for him. Since you don't even have ties to that era - "don't fib for him". We know it's David Walker doing the fibbing.

Facts Don't Lie: David Walker is puppeting Justin L Abbott.

The reason they stopped selling these colored hoses in 1995 is not because of any club rule book, it's because they were cut off. Mr. Abbott where were you in 1995? Certainly not in Federal Court in New Haven CT in 1995.


psssst - they also were caught lying about 3x2 carb fuel lines that would no fit - even clear the water pump. They lied & told their customer they just get them from another vendor, saying we don't make them. But the internet Wayback Machine captured snapshots of their old advertising claims of how they started with one fuel line and made em' all. Badly. Look at any old Vette Vues advertisement to see the Zip fuel lines. Now they run away from that claim shown below.

I dou't buy the claim that we make the stainless ones, but made the non stainless. Are the non stainless ones bent different.


 psssst - your crickets will not allow my response on the CF. You are lucky.
psssst - their customer recently claimed he bought Trim Parts tail lamp assemblies from Zip for $620, but in actuality Trim Parts does not make those tail lamps. Only Gene Smith in Kalifornia made them in Taiwan.

the Internet Wayback Machine catches zip in another lie

Ask this fellow and he will tells you these fuel lines came from zip

   Shame, Shame, Shame - that's not the High Road they Pontificate about

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