NCRS 1963 Leaves for Paint

 The is the first Corvette I drove, when it was new in 1963 and later bought it in 1970. My cousin drove it for the first 7 years and the I drove it for about the next six years.

1976: Howard Block, a local painter had a reputation for excellent work. However this painted lifted down to and including the primer less than a year later. In 1979 I put this project aside. Today 30 years later it left for another paint and final assembly.
My 1963 coupe was painted 33 years ago by Howard Block. Every Corvette I ever saw that Howard painted was fabulous. On mine, the paint lifted down to the primer one year later. After a long hiatus, it left again today Dec 13 for new paint.
Video uploaded December 14, 2009 Time 1:58


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