Limerock Vintage Races Sept 2009
The weather was fabulous. The old race cars we fantastic. I ate too much.

Corvette Racers --- other Corvette's --- Cheetah --- Scarab

Ardun --- Kurtis --- Chevron --- Lola --- Allard --- Osca --- Moretti

Ford --- Morgan --- Lister --- Indy --- Bugatti --- other


Above: The driver over bridge to the infield.


Above: The hill overlooking the esses and big bend.

Above: Corvette Racer John Cooper Fitch and the Phoenix.


 Above: The Phoenix cockpit.

 Above: Mr. Fitch at the Sunday Car Show.


Above: 93 octane $6.00; 112 juiced octane $9.75


Above: a Vincent shows up in the paddock.


Above: my Yahama slid off the track, just before the bridge.

It's a hot, smokey, smelly, dirty job, but somebosy's gotta do it.


 Above: welcome to Lime Rock Park.


Above: close to the track entrance ... hmmmmmmmm

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