PoppaBear RIP Aug 16, 1995 - June 20, 2009
Next to the parking lot of my warehouse, another business kept Bonnie, an old German shepherd dog. She was trapped behind a chain link fence. You can see her in the top right of this picture. She was neglected; her condition was sad and my wife and the local workers at the Wonder Bread warehouse across the street would feed and give fresh water to her every day. Her owner was absent most of the time and provided almost no care.

In August 1995 a stray dog began to keep Bonnie company outside the chain link fence. He was another sad stray just abandoned to the streets. So we began to take care of him also and called him Poppa Bear. He was about six months old. Another big puppy. For a few days he just slept on the sidewalk just outside Bonnie’s fence. My wife would leave the warehouse, and drive around the block a couple of times to see if he would wander away. But he just stayed there and slept on that hard pavement.
Someone notified to the dog catcher and shortly thereafter he placed an official notice on that chain link fence that he would confiscate these dogs in 5 days if the owners did not provide proper care. We decided to adopt Poppa Bear since he was homeless and Bonnie was then removed (?) by her owner.
So he was off for a trip to our Veterinarian for a healthy check up. We were off to Corvette Carlisle and my MIL picked him up from the Veterinarian in my 1994 Corvette while we were away. It was fitting that this former homeless sad sack, finally had a good home to come home to and enjoy. Below Christmas Day or rather evening 2005 draped in my Santa outfit.

The past 12 months have been very sad. Three of our dogs have now passed. Our last dog Poppa Bear has been in his final days. He has been a wonderful companion, friend and protector. For the last eleven months he has been ill with an endocrine disease that has gradually robbed his strength and vitality. His muscles have gradually weakened.  
Every day I have been washing his beautiful face, as he could not clean the copious tears that congealed in the corners of his eyes. It breaks my heart to see him decline from the vigor that gave him such a bounding personality. As was all of or dogs, he was all bark and no bite. When my wife was expected home from work, I would ask him “where’s your NaNa?” and he would excitedly bark and await her arrival. I still cherish his jumping in my lap as a large puppy and how stingy he was with giving out his kisses.

I am so grateful that God sent him to be found by us and join our family. He stopped eating today and I had to hold the water bowl close so he could drink.
I will miss him terribly and look for another who needs our help also.

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