Great Cars; Great Fun; Are we having Fonts yet?

  In the past three decades we have literally purchased thousands of original hoses from GM. We also have had some formed hoses manufactured independently as reproductions and understand well how they are made and marked.

Below are a few photos of genuine GM radiator hoses that shows how the same hose can be identified with the same information but with a different font and even in a different location on the part. Any Corvette judge who says otherwise has not seen a manufacturer mass producing these parts. These are as typical of GM production in 2009 as in 1959.


These 2 photos show actual GM parts - not repro's

  Above: Note how the part number, GM, manufacturers ID and length code are stamped in a variety of places and orientations. The following is more interesting. Below: note how the same parts numbered hose has three distinct different fonts and different manners in which the information is presented.


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