Corvette Forum Extortionist pewter99
Regularly member's of internet chat rooms ask "who to order parts from". My company DocRebuild is often favorably recommended for Parts, Price, Selection, Accuracy, Integrity and not the least we are supplier of USA parts. I don't solicit there. They want me to PAY THEM so someones else can post an endorsement that I didn't prompt, encourage or even solicit.
The only web site constantly editing these favorable recomendations is the Internet Brands site However using "volunteer employees" they will allow any salacious fabrication to denigrate my business. This CF agent Robert Briggs has been obviously tasked to harass my business. He regularly censors any favorable reviews of my company and completely ignores others. I'm not permitted to respond because I don't choose to pay them a fee. Did you ever read a real complaint about my business or the merchandise or refund or crappy Chinese imports?
It sounds exactly like extortion to me since they will repeatedly allow any other comment as long as it is negative and will degrade my business regardless of the veracity.
This Corvette Forum Policeman is a Pinellas County Florida Sheriffs employee (he call's himself a CSI). He spend so much time in his voyeuristic Corvette Forum Policing that he is regulary socializing on line for hours on end and does so while "working" and even admits to it. But on December 30th, 2010 he began to further hide his trail of CF activity as now his profile no longer shows the time of his last activity. The CorvetteForum will do anything to keep a Policeman available 24/7 and at no cost to .... the Corvette Forum. What a deal, unless you pay taxes. His little Green Ball on the CF doesn't light up all day, anymore. He's cooping on the job. It's am old NYC term applied to cops on the clock, but not on the job.
There is no polite way of saying this, particularly if you have ever signed a paycheck as an employer. The taxpayers of Pinellas County deserve better than this blatant Goof Off, or as he would say **** O**
He regularly laments how slow it is at work and how there were cubacks. What a shame, some other fellow got laid off and this dud is still on the payroll. I checked the union contract (it's on line) and this fellow could be getting up to $89,000 without OT and Bennies to spend his waking hours Socializing behind real Sheriff Jim Coates back. He even whines about him and not getting a raise. Wait till I enable the above link and links to these 6 or 7 County Commissioners.
I am appalled that a government employee would act so contemptuously and bragg on the CF that they are driving a "BadA** M*****F*****" and it say so right on their dashboard. Is this some mature adult or another loose cannon with a gun. I hope the public is safe.

Caveat Emptor on the Covette Foramen

Lets get some sunlight and exposure for these Pinellas County Sheriff's Department taxpayer funded extortionists. Such a deal the CF doesn't pay him a dime to play all day on the internet, but some folk in Pinellas County Florida sure do. Actually all Federal Taxpayer do also. Another union goof off. I read his union contract; technically they are always on duty. That way, they can screw off all their waking hours, and pick the time when their not on the internet and say they were working inbetween their 100,000 CF aphorisms.

From Facebook he identified himself as

Robert Briggs aka pewter99 - a 1982 Tampa Leto high school graduate! We were already manufacturing quality real Corvette reproduction parts when this fellow was still carrying a book bag entering high school in 1979. He could even drive yet, but today he is an arbiter of Corvette Forum knowledge. Quite an achievement. I drove Corvettes before this looser was even born.

Robert Briggs aka pewter99 actually identifies himself as a CSI. Hey fella look in the mirror and keep repeating " I'm a CSI and I have over 100,000 messages on the Corvette Forum". What does that tell you when you investigate that "crime scene"? Pretty neat. Does the Florida Pinellas County Sherrif's Dept really pay this dud to surf the internet 24/7? When does he have time to do any real work for the taxpayers? Another government slug getting fat on the taxpayers, while being an Internet Brands Voyeur Cop vicariously "pulling the trigger" for the Foramen. (Look it up, it's Latin :) I wonder how much overtime he's getting.

You can directly report Corvette Forum crimes scene investigations to
Here is my review of pewter99: When your resume consists of bolting cheesy Taiwan accessories on a newer used Corvette, your merit and contributions to any Corvette community is certainly shallow at best, and of little worth to anything favorable, but to the Chinese trade deficit, the & Internet Brands. All the taxpayers are the loosers.

Robert Briggs another Cheesy Corvette Forum Extortionist.
Robert Biggs is just a thug protecting Internet Brands, Corvette Forum and Zip. I suspect there is some reciprocal. He doesn't censor hundreds of others, large and small - GM, Ebay, Carlisle, Barret Jackson, Lance Miller, Roger Osley, Wayne Womble, Terry Michelis, NCRS, Glen.

They even recruited a prison guard for the same thing - you can run, but you can't hide