Feb 18, 2009 from the Forest

Spring cannot be far off. My Mallard ducks returned today even though there is still some ice on the water out back. They come back every year. Soon to follow will be our beautiful Wood ducks. They are also called Clown ducks. Look them up, they are magnificent and colorful.

Early this AM I videoed 30+ female turkeys in my yard, with one solitary Tom. I got two good clips of him spreading his feathers. A magnificent bird, but his waddle is another story of beautiy in the eyes of the beholder.

Last weeks I opened my office door and 100 foot way was a golden skinny coyote. At first it reminded me of my old dog Brownie. As I grabbed my camera just inside the door he disappeared. Actually he was hiding behind a tree, and only ran off as I started torwards his direction.

Two weeks ago after dark my wife stopped alongside a cop who was shining his spotlight nearby and asked what up? It was a bear around the neighborhood. I always take my old 14 year old "puppy" out at night because he could not defend himself anymore.

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