Dec 26 another Corvette Forum basher

Dennis E Gulakowki hiding on CF as Smokin Joe
Dec 20 Saturday SMOKIN JOE calls and places a credit card order for shipping to Burke, Virginia. Brenda relates that with the Christmas holiday, this order may not ship or arrive until after Christmas.
Dec 23 Tuesday SMOKIN JOE's credit card will not authorize. We then call the credit card clearing house and they also would not authorize this credit card. We send a post card to this Virginia address. It googles to a retirement home for ex-government employees.
Dec 26 Friday SMOKIN JOE call from a Boca Raton, FL and I confirmed that the credit card number he provided and the zip code and address he provided are the ones that were originally provided - but the bank still will not authorize this sale. This credit card is declined. Two hours later he is raging on the Corvette Forum. He wants to argue.

HELLO - Your credit card was declined!

Arguing won't help.

 Problem with SMOKIN JOE..... I recommend you go elsewhere.

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