Brownie RIP Dec 17, 1997 - Dec 7, 2008
All of our dogs have been rescued strays. I have often said that they make the best pets because we gave them a home when they had none. And so greatful for that home that they became very protective of that new home territory. He was just a big puppy when we found him. Very shy, scared and we initially called him the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz. He never had a collar, walked on a leash and probably had been born outside or abandoned. He could not even walk up and down stairs like most dogs. He hopped up and down steps all his life and got the nick name of hippy hop.
Debbie likes to tell people she found Brownie and me on the same street, which is true. I'm grateful for her rescue also. She saved me. In December 1997 we had several days of sleet, and when Deb finally got this young fellow into the car, his fur was covered with ice chunks. He surely would have died.
 Whenever one of the older pets would get sick or died, he would stay along side them. Both our old dogs Pee Dee and Sammy Louise and even when our old cat Lucky Boy died, he was their companion. He was very nuturing and a gentle soul in our house, but outside surely loved to chase the squirrels, although he never succeded in hurting even one. In the coldest of winter he would love to run in our yard. Some of our old customers who come to the warehouse still bring biscuits for these old dogs, even though they "retired" in 2001 when I hung up my "spurs". They were all bark and no bite when our customers got to know them well. Even the UPS driver who was afraid of dogs, got to like these great pals. And he was terrified of dogs. Man best friend is an under statement.
He had a magnificent Golden coat, the Vet called it Sable and I was always jealous of his fine head of hair. About 2 months ago we found out he had cancer, and I made sure he was comfortable, pain free and he even went out in the back yard just 2 hours before he laid down and went to his final sleep. It was painful to see him get weaker and weaker and lay down. My pal. My pick up truck companion. Poppa Bears younger brother. RIP Brownie Brown Bear.

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