I am an animal lower. and I feed the wildlife in my yard and they are appreciative, but hungry. We get white tailed deer, wild turkeys, raccoons, squirrels, mallards, wood ducks and lots of different birds. An occasional coyote and an red tailed hawk. I truly love nature.

Sometimes the corn bin gets emptied, and the squirrels take offense. They would gnaw through the wood walls thinking they will find a hidden kernel of cracked corn. This had led to my armoring one of the corn bins, hence the new improved "Corn Bin Super Max". Note the metal armor I have installed on the outside walls, as well as the inside.


This is just another of our visitors. We nick named this black squirrel Clum. Our cat Blackie would have taken offense if we used his name. So far, so good and no gnawing. However one night my regular 6 point visitor that we call Bucky, got angry when the bin was emptied before he got to eat and he knocked it over but he did no serious damage. The battle rages on, and we love the battle.


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