Oct 13 Todays Mail

Got this invitation to a reception with a special guest: Lt. Col. Orson Swindle, USMC (Ret.) He spent more years as John McCain's roomate at the Hanoi Hilton, than Barack Hussein spent in Harvard. Lt. Col. Swindle no doubt is going to give us some first hand information about John McCain's character and how he handles pressure.

Last week. NObama said John McCain was not good under pressure. Is that laugh or what? I don't think NObama could handle not getting the wrong Latte or 2-3 sessions in the gym or the fawning press coverage.


Who can you trust to do whatever it takes to protect and clean up this great country? The Choices are just so clear: Barack Hussein NObama with his friends, really close friend when you follow the tapes, the Chicago newspaper articles and the money. NObamas friends love America: Rev. Wright he really loves America. Weathermen bomber William Ayers loves America, felon Tony Rezko, Fanny May & Mac money, ACORN money - they all love it the money train.

PS I am still impressed with Sarah Palin's morals. I say Troopergate is a load of ear wax. Would you not try to fire a State Trooper who would taser his step son. Gee whiz, I would not like to have any run in with a cop like that.


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