Sept 19 Todays Mail

Got this 8x10 glossy from an old Corvette owner. Made me feel good. Who else will look out for my small business, and can appreciate what a Fuel Injected solid axle is and was for folk like me. And a super patriot to boot, not a closet racist with a socialist agenda for billionaires like George Soros, nor a buddy of the Fannie May chief who got 75 million in 6 years while we got the shaft for 200 billion. Jeeze Obama has some sleazy friends.
   I am impressed with Sarah morals, accomplishments and obvious intelligence. I say Sarah now in 2008, and then to the top in 2012 and 2016. She accomplished more in 2 years as a governor than Joe Blowden did in 35 years in Washington. She is a fast learn and done loads more than any community organizer. The only thing he's done is denigrate the military and run for another job. What parasites, freeloader who got their free Harvard, Princeton and Columbia degrees and still carry a chip on their shoulder. That coward cannot even debate a serious opponent. He finally met Bill O'Reilley, but Putin, Amajinadad (sp?), Hezbolla, & Osama have real fangs not microphones and teleprompters. We need more than platitudes, smugness and a hot air pilot. And with Tom Dashole waiting in the wings, working on the Obama transition team, I'm gonna hurl.  

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