Corvette Forum and Fee Speech

Mr. IrishMac:

I would sincerely appreciate your input. What is wrong with this?

Please allow me take a guess:
1) Favorable reviews are not allowed to run their course unless a fee is paid directly to the Corvette Forum by the subject.
2) Unfavorable reviews are allowed to run (for as long as several months) unless the subject replies or unless the subject has paid a fee to the Corvette Forum.
3) New Corvette Forum Dictum: "No posts in 2 days from the original poster, so I'm going to consider this closed unless I hear otherwise"
4) All of the above.

Your fellow Corvette Forum volunteer employee masquerading as Pewter 99 was more candid. He informed me that if I replied to to any claim, rumor or innuendo that was considered advertising, and that required a fee to be paid to the Corvette Forum.

Perhaps you can explain the fee schedule parameter required for free speech in this chat rooms. Can you be specific and quantify the particulars. Thank you for your generous volunteer assistance,


PS I placed this here also, that way anyone can read it and form their own views. I'm enthusiastically awaiting your reply.


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