July 1967 - The Chevrolet Parts Mart

The Chevrolet Parts Mart was a monthly in house publication aimed at the Parts Dept and those customers who brought their Chevy in parts and or service.


Above: The cover of the July 1967 issue of Chevrolet Parts Mart with the Astro I on the cover. This is an 8 1/2" wide by 11" high booklet with 12 pages.


Above: the feature story Astro I. Below the 3 panels of copy are enlarged for your reading pleasure.





Above: GM's version of GUNK for internal cleaning. The RH column notes that following pages are removeable and already punched for a 3 ring binder. It also list the topics from the past 11 months issues.


Above: this months feature is the Battery Testing Procedures.


Above: more of the same.


Above: Warning Light Circuit Fuse Troubleshooting.


Above: procedures as it applies to 1967 Corvette .

Above: the inside back cover Camping Story with Pa, Ma and the Kids and Bowser.


Above: special offer on a ridge reamer, piston groove cleaner and ring compressor.

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