Merry Christmas

I love this Red Corvette shown on the cover of this 1963 "Red" Corvette sales brochure. All it needs is a wreath. It is 17x11 inches and was replaced by the later 1963 "Black" sales brochure. The first "Red" version shows 2 bar KO's, the later "Black" shows the 3 bar KO's.

Merry Christmas and Holiday Greeting to all my old and new Corvette buddies.

Whose autograph's are these? This was very first Corvette sales brochure I ever collected. It was about 1970 when I purchased this original piece without the autographs. Gradually I managed to collect them.

No kidding, today I have over 8 bookcases filled with Corvette related papers, sales brochures, owners manuals, book, magazines, catalogs, assembly manuals, part manuals, dealer showroom books, finger tip facts, technical service bulletins, part history books, price books, workshop manuals, standard parts books and other Corvette related matter. PS: this is part of my hobby. Yea it's a hobby. Or is it an obsession.

It reminds me of a neighbor down the road who was written up in the Stratford Star weekly newspaper. Her hobby was knitting. And apparently she is very accomplished and even teaches this skill. But what struck my fancy, was that when she realized her and her husband already owned the required acerage for a farm, she decided to get a couple of sheep, goats, llamas, alpaca, plus more. I always wondered about the variety of critters in her barn yard, but now I know - she is simply a dedicated hobbyist. I hope my wife does not take up knitting.

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