Esther Irene Rondeau
This has been a family run business for over three decades. My wife Debbie's mother has even helped out. Debbie and Esther would fly to the Houston AutoRama and the Chicago VetteFest and just distribute our catalogs. They would always generate lots of favorable reviews with their pleasant smiling demeanor.

Above: Esther and her two daughters Donna and Debbie.
Unfortunately Esther Irene Rondeau has passed and she will be very missed by very many. She was very active in the church and she truly had a parish of loving friends and large extended family. Her favorite song was "You are my Sunshine" and she touched all of us deeply with her kind caring spirit and easy uplifting nature. My brother in law brough his harmonica to her memorial service and we all sang this song to remember her brilliant spirit. It was a very sad but she made so many others happy. She would always look at every problem large and small and says "it's all right". She was not a professional care giver, but was yet a genuine care giver, as she helped many neighbors deal with life's terminal illnesses, and she helped us care for my own mother in her twilight. I will never be able to repay her kindness. I thank her for making Debbie in her mold. My dear Debbie is a reflection of her dear mother Esther. They have taught me patience, "it's all right" and "it is, what it is". (But unfortunately I'm still learning.) We called Esther, GrandMaMa and even pets were touched by her. Part of her memory lives on in her golded Labrador retriever, Abilene which has come to live with us. And even Abby is just like Esther too, in her loving calm demeanor. We will all miss you so much, GrandMaMa.

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