Mahogany Gate Leg Tables

Picture to follow.

These tables has been in our families for at least 5 generations. Hundreds of my family members have shared meals from my Great Grandmother forward on the round one. The old varnish had turned Black, and I did not know how the wood would look after stripping. For years I suspected it was Mahogany, and I was pleasently surprised by how light this wood was after sanding. Some of the legs and lower rungs were repaired with wood putty by my Grandmother when my Mother and Aunt were small kids. The family dog did some chewing and she wanted to hide the damage from her husband, my Grandfather.

Deb has her Grandmother Mahogany gate leg table also. It's oval and in good condition. Thank God, her's was preserved better than mine. It looks great after stripping and will require little sanding. Thank God I say because I used over 50 sheets of 90, 120, 150, 180 garnet paper on mine. Actually sanded my fingertips raw, but found that driving gloves were good for dexterity and protection.

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