Corvette Craftsman Steve Landin

I think Steve is a genuine Corvette Craftsmen, when most I’ve seen have, well, less than real Craftsmanship. This part is not what you think it is. It is, what it is, and it’s not Black plastic !

Steve sent me this sample because he bought new plastic ones that stripped (not from me, he never actually entered our database). Don’t know why he chose me – but he asked my opinion – this was milled from Aluminum and anodized Black. I though it was plastic until I felt the cold in the metal. Wow. Steve is good.

He said, he was just a hobbyist with a 1975 and a CNC miller, 12x36 lathe and (what he called) “other normal” tools in his garage machine shop. I wrote him back that I wished he lived near me because I would hire him to fix my cars when stuff happened. He surely could do anything, I could manage to break. My hats off to you Steve, you are a Corvette Craftsman.

PS Steve - When can you start?

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