Olson Engineering: no Silk Purse here
  On the CF I noticed the following jpeg and compared it to the AIM. As suspected, it's a dead ringer and identical, just another Colored In AIM. I also compared it to my notes of these actual wiring harnesses and found the following 12 major differences. (This is not even the complete list.)

Caveat Emptor: a Colored In Sows Ear
ABOVE: 1 though 8 refers to cavities in the ignition harness firewall gang connector that has 14 available cavities although not all are occupied.

   ERRORS in the above

.1. This cavity is empty and thus has no wire is connected.
.2. This cavity is occupied and if not connected; your Corvette will not even start.
.3. This cavity is occupied and if not connected; your wiper door will not operate.
.4. This cavity does not have a dark blue wire, and it does not terminate at the wiper motor.
.5. The wire in this cavity is not "W/R/B" on 1971 however that has been depicted here.
.6. This wire is not light green and does not terminate at the wiper motor.
.7. This cavity actually has 2 different colored wires; neither of which are pink and neither terminates on that single female TCS relay connector shown for this "pink" wire.
.8. This cavity is empty and thus no wire regardless of AT or Standard or any other parameter.

.9. This staggered oddball TCS connector actually has four different colored wires connected to it. The dark blue and dark green are two of those colors, but they are shown connected backwards.
10. Completely absent is the "other" TCS relay and that wiring which is present regardless of AT or Standard transmission. Which leads to the other omission of the AT pedal switch and AT tranny switch connectors that are all interconnected with the TCS and much different than the stick components.
11. These wires are labeled as R / W/ DBL, but that is not what is shown in this colored in AIM. And anyone who has ever looked under the hood of any Corvette would know that one easily.
12. The TCS Solenoid on the intake does have two wires. One is dark blue; but the other is not black. And neither does it connect directly to the TCS switch, but rather to the other missing TCS relay.

These are the Olson Engineering Colored In AIM schematics. They are not even a close reference to what you will find on a real Corvette. This internet scam sells Colored In old GM schematic under the false premise that they are some valuable aid for an owner. This Tool only benefits Don Olson; it is used to pry money from your wallet. Great TOOL.

This is typical of every model year AIM schematic I have studied in detail. They just don't follow what you actually find in the field. There apparently is no shortage of these sad objects and the poor folk who have spent their funds on them thinking this is better than sliced bread. Don knows too, but your $22 friendship is more important.

I found the above Olson Engineering illustration referenced here.

It's sad these folk really don't have a clue that

"Houston we have a problem"

Last time I listed the errors for 1977 there, it went poof, disappeared?

psssst Olson Engineering ...

I read that Don the Engineer at Olson Engineering will be at August's Corvettes at Carlisle. Look for him around space G111. Wonder if he will be giving refunds or excuses? He "makes" parts just like Zip does. They copy stuff that they don't even know is wrong, sell it to you and then laugh all the way to the bank. Shame on those tolerating fast buck artists.

FACT: Athough Olson Engineering is only located 25 miles from Bloomingtom Gold - in 2007 they were a no show. Hmmmmmmmm. We will see if he actually shows up in Carlisle, as some folk may want a refund there for these defective tools also.

  It is, what it is. And oOSOEZ is it.

Sept 17, 2010 - - To the left is Don Olson of Willowbrook Illinois. I branded him a COWARD for anonymously distributing internet rumors regularly that he will not even man-up to. He's doesn't have enough testosterone to even sign his name or even do so in any public place. This pathetic eunuch will only resort to vague innuendo. He's another anonymous author who writes on rest room walls. Go ahead, make my day Don Olson Coward.

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