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Confidential Salesman's F.I. Brochure

This is a 3 color, 4 panel folder. When folded, it measures 3 3/4" wide by 9" tall and would easily fit in your shirt pocket. When fully opened in the landscape mode it measures 9"x15" approximately. Two of the panels are shown at the right. The front cover is the panel on the right that announces, "Corvette Introduces RAMJET FUEL INJECTION AT NASSAU RACES. The left panel is the rear cover with the announcement, "57 CORVETTE IS DYNAMIC NEWS IN THE SPORTS CAR WORLD". At the bottom it states "CONFIDENTIAL FOR CHEVROLET SALESMEN".

I guess the authors cap lock was stuck. :)

To the right are the first 2 inner panels visible when the folder is first opened. It announces "CORVETTE WINS 1-2-3 among production sports cars at famous Bahama Islands race".

The copy at the right and the photo of the 1957 are shown in detail on the next page.

At the bottom the full 4 panels are visible when the folder is fully opened.

The following page shows details of the copy, the 3 photos of the 1957 Corvette and the illustration of same.

Details of the copy, photographs and the illustration are on page 2.

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