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John Wayne's 1953 Corvette #51
These pictures were taken in the former Harrah's Auto Museum in Sparks Nevada in 1978. Mr. Bill Harrah died that year and his collection of 2000+ cars (1000 restored on display) was liquidated. This was 1 of the just 2 Corvettes that were on display.
Each car on display had one or more placards like this that provided specs and information about that model. That's over 1000 of these signs for the 1000 cars on display. It took 3 days to examine all the treasures on display which were in 3 or more airplane hangers. Security guards were in elevated walkways near the roof of the hangers, where they could oversee the vast space.

This photo was referenced on the placard above. To the right is the "Owners Service Policy". From the original photograph I can read some of the writing. "John Wayne, Beverly Hills, California; Delivered October 7, 1953; Key Number ?907; Engine Number LAY ?????; Ray Whyte Chevrolet Company; ?Grand Rapids? Michigan.

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